Work With Me

  • Couple’s Therapy


    Sometimes, as intimacy increases, our relationships become increasingly volatile and impacted by our partner’s every move. I help each individual find their footing again in order to restore the sanctity of the relationship.

    Duration : 75 MIN

  • Family Therapy


    Family therapy allows for a systems-based approach. There is no single person to take all the blame or all the credit. Everybody is playing an equal role in the dynamic, and the system will be explored and addressed accordingly.

    Duration : 75 MIN

  • Individual Therapy


    Our sessions together explore the vulnerabilities that the client has organized their life around avoiding and that cause unnecessary pain and confusion. The client will develop the confidence to show up fully in life.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • Young Adult Therapy


    The relationship between myself and the client is the foundation of the therapeutic process and the key to psychological growth/emotional well-being. I strive to make these sessions as natural and enjoyable as possible.

    Duration : 50 MIN

Frequently Asked Questions

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Forms of Payment You Accept?

I take cash, checks and credit card (please note there is a 3.5% fee on credit card transactions)

Do You Accept Insurance?

I do not accept insurance. I do provide out-of-network coverage, but this depends on the individual’s insurance policy and is up to the individual to determine.

When And Where Do You See Clients?

I see clients out of my office: 2031 Broadway, Suite 5. I work Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 6:00pm

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy unless in the event of a true emergency. If I do not receive notification in that time frame, I charge half the normal session fee.

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