Couples Counseling

  • Do you feel distant and disconnected from your partner
  • Have you been hurt in this relationship or prior relationships?
  • Are you worried about potential deal breakers for the two of you
  • Would you like to avoid a fate similar to that of your parents?
  • Do you feel that it’s time to deepen your level of commitment​
  • Understand yourself and your partner on a deeper level
  • Experience joy, humor and support with your partner
  • Become an expert on your partner; their triggers and vulnerabilities
  • Fall in love with your partner again
  • Affairs
  • Communication problems
  • Constant fighting
  • Abandonment
  • Engulfment


I work with Lisa Chatham (pictured to the left) in a co-therapy model, meaning we are both in the room with the couple at the same time.

We have found that this ensures that no individual partner feels “ganged up on” due to gender bias.

We have many hours of experience working together.


$250 for 1.5 hours


2031 Broadway Suite 5

More about Lisa

Contrary to the traditional Hollywood depiction of romance, intimate relationships are inherently disturbing. The person closest to us is certain to activate our core vulnerabilities unlike anybody else. This intense and, at times, triggering experience can serve as the grounds of growth and realization.

Vulnerabilities such as abandonment, engulfment, intense anger, paralyzing anxiety, intolerable frustration and profound hopelessness are likely to get activated in the context of your relationship. Perhaps they already are. Those painful places – the very places we have spend a lifetime avoiding – represent the path to maturation and liberation. The relational work you and your partner do is inseparable from the personal work you and your partner take on.

Your relationship can become a safe haven grounded in security, mutuality, trust and understanding. Ideally, your relationship will become the place of comfort from which you go out into the world and create the life you dream of. It is the refuge to which you return and re-energize at the end of the day. If you and your partner can save your relationship – and with my help that will become a viable choice that you can make – then rest assured you will be able to save yourself. 

Vulnerability: The path to liberation