Shine On

By way of being born into this chaotic world, we all have the wonderful potential to generate a life that is characterized by joy, humor, confidence, passion and fulfillment. Admittedly, that rosy picture can come off as insulting to present reality. In this moment it may be nothing more than a distant fantasy. An unattainable dream. And yet, there is a path forward. In fact there are many. I humbly come to you with the one I know. 

An inner experience of profound freedom is attainable through a radical doctrine of unconditional acceptance and personal responsibility.

My ongoing exploration of my own edges and my own sufferings serves as the backbone of my work with individuals, couples and families. I do not believe that it is possible to take somebody where I have yet to go. As such, I consider my personal work to be an essential component to the effectiveness of the therapy I offer. 

Through a candid and honest approach to therapy, I hope you find the capacity to live a life of integrity, virtue, joy, character, authenticity and humor.



The Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate credential (LPCC) demonstrates that I have completed my MA in Clinical Mental Health and that I am in the process of attaining full licensure. The primary difference between an LPC and an LPCC is that the latter must receive ongoing supervision (which, frankly, all counselors should do). This frequent consultation ensures that you are receiving the highest standard of mental health care. Dora Verification.


I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University. This 3-year program demanded that students explore their unconscious in a kind, embodied and unbiased way. I grew immensely on a personal level and received transformative counseling that serves as the basis of my professional identity and therapeutic approach today. As a result of the program, I have deep empathy for the human condition and I firmly belief in basic sanity (i.e. that we are all fundamentally healthy as opposed to fundamentally neurotic) and I have unconditional confidence that each of us can generate the life we long for.


My bachelor’s degree in Economics from Santa Clara University informs much of my worldview. In addition to Economics, I received a degree in Spanish and I work with Spanish speaking clients in my private practice. 


Pact Level II

PACT (the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) is widely considered to be the cutting-edge modality in working with couples. Whereas many other approaches to couple’s therapy focus strictly on communication and conflict skills, PACT drops beneath the surface into a thorough investigation of the hidden dynamics running the show. This bottom-up approach offers couples a dramatic paradigm-shift that allows them to reimagine and redefine their relationship in lasting ways. As of now, PACT Level II is the highest credential being offered.


SPT is a form of play therapy developed right here in Boulder, CO. It is a non-directive approach to working with children that is currently gaining international notoriety for its profound impact. The basic tenet is that children unconsciously set us up to feel the difficult feelings that they are dealing with. The therapist then uses this information to model healthy self-regulation. The child eventually masters and takes control of their feelings, instead of the other way around.