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There is an unshakable aliveness at the core of our being that longs to be free. We are at once terrified by and captivated with our accurate intuition that there is more to us and more to life than we currently experience.

I work with clients to cultivate the unconditional confidence that they can invite increased levels of aliveness into their conscious experiencing. This requires a willingness to say YES to ALL of ourselves.

As we take less of an adversarial position with regards to our own selves and to the world in general, we experience life as increasingly supportive, enjoyable and full of wonder.

What You Can Expect

Individual Counseling

  • Cultivate unconditional confidence in yourself
  • Enjoy satisfying relationships
  • Develop self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Free yourself from lifelong patterns and neurotic behaviors
  • Regulate intense emotion, such as anxiety, anger and grief

Couples Counseling

  • Become an expert on both yourself and your partner
  • Develop the capacity for self-regulation
  • Experience genuine kindness towards yourself and your partner
  • Create a joyful, playful, loving relationship
  • Replace reactivity with realistic understanding and mature responses

Family Counseling

  • Open, honest, kind dialogue between family members
  • Playful attitude towards life and the family unit
  • Compassion for and understanding of one another
  • A recognition of each individual’s separateness and autonomy
  • Ability to see one’s own role in recurring dynamics

Young Adult Counseling

  • Healthy and realistic self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Answer to the question, “Who am I?”
  • Ability to put feelings into words instead of actions
  • Willingness to find and stand on their own two feet in the world
  • Capacity to discriminate between feelings and behavior

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I hope you find them useful in and of themselves. 

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