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Individual Therapy

You Were Born Enough.

But odds are you don’t believe me. So instead you immerse yourself in chronic struggle, forever striving to experience yourself as worthy, likable and lovable. This struggle generates suffering in one – OR MANY! – of its countless forms. Anxiety, loneliness, anger, despair, hopelessness, jealousy, depression, despair and unbearable psychological pain become all too familiar. 

There is another way. Those experiences do not need to be your future. 

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Couples Therapy

Your Partner is Your Path.

Intimate relationships are difficult, provocative and disturbing. They are among the most arduous of tasks that we willingly take on. The obvious question is, why?

The answer, I believe, is that intimate relationships are equally rich and growth-producing. They force our lifelong issues into the open in a way we cannot deny. They have the potential to nourish our souls, to take us out of ourselves and to fill our hearts with joy. 

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Family Therapy

The Family
You Want.

You know what they say about family. Your stuck with them for life, whether you like it or not. If that is the case, you might as well do everything in your power to ensure that you do, in fact, like them! And odds are, you do. But amidst the constant bickering, frustration, annoyance, tension, anger and convincing hatred, it’s likely everybody has forgotten that fact.

I will unabashedly dive into the unconscious processes fueling the family drama. I have seen families in crisis undergo DRAMATIC transformation.

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You face your fear because your soul demands it

Sometimes coming home to yourself requires the assistance of another.

Neurosis is Easy

Neurosis is the effort to avoid aspects of ourselves and our experiencing that we do not want to participate in. It is the effort to avoid hell. 

Alas, as the saying goes, the surest way to end up in hell is to spend your whole life running from it. (But who can blame you for the attempt?!) 

This constant running results in a continual stream of unnecessary suffering. 


Health is Paradoxical

By turning towards our own hell, we generate the unconditional confidence, compassion and resilience to capitalize on the life we have been gifted. 

This is a counter-instinctual practice. It demands that we cultivate a relationship with exactly that thing that we have spent the entirety of our lives avoiding. 

Sure, the work is scary. Demanding, too. But, more importantly, it is doable.

“Trevor is an up and coming star in the psychotherapy scene! He brings a strong sense of masculinity, purpose, and values to his work with couples, families, and individuals. Frankly, in this industry it is hard to find clinicians as driven, passionate, and clear as Trevor. If you are considering working with or hiring him, do yourself a favor and just call, you can't go wrong here. ”

Marc Azoulay

"Trevor is brilliant at cutting right to the core, framing issues that once seemed convoluted with clarity and simplicity. He is intelligent and insightful and uses these qualities to guide people toward understanding their inner workings and break out of longterm self-sabotaging patterns. Trevor is a gifted therapist and will be an asset to any client that comes through his door."

Jordan Urban