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MP :

"I've been working with Trevor for over a year now, and he has helped guide me towards a deeper understanding of who I am, and towards a more inquisitive, non-judgemental look into myself, my thoughts and my actions; along with the thoughts and actions of others that affect me.

Trevor is direct, warm, challenging and humorous, which I am most comfortable with.

I know he has my healthy well-beingness at the core, and I trust him fully - particularly because he encourages me to question why and what I feel and say, including the therapy process.

He has me examine my past and present, look at patterns in my life and people close to me, with eyes on the future.

He ensures that I am not simply dependent on his sagely advice, but instead dependent on my own inner feelings, letting them 'loose', and helping me to negotiate how to move on.

Thank you, Trevor Brown; you are one of the reasons that I have faith in the human race!"

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