the boundary fence
By / March 27, 2019


Some of us are great at setting boundaries. For others, it is a terrifying and formidable practice. But there is a path. The path is worth it - effective boundaries are essential to psychological health.

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By / March 10, 2019

Freedom: A Dialogue

Freedom is often seen as something outside of us. This is a limited view that renders us helpless. True freedom is an internal experience, and is always available.

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the shadow side of hate
By tbpsychotherapy / February 20, 2019

Why Men Hate Women (Book Summary)

The author of this book claims that, deep in our unconscious, every man hates women. The more we become aware of this hatred, the less it controls our behavior.

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not all equal
By / January 27, 2019

Not All Therapy is Created Equal

Therapy is expensive. How can you be sure that it is worth it? How can you be sure that it is actually helping you? This post is intended to give you some clues.

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