• - Are you tired of the same repetitive patterns running you life?

  • - Do you feel as though you have potential that you are not living up to?

  • - Are you struggling with striking a balance between being strong/independent yet also emotionally aware and available for relationship and connection?

  • - Do you long to experience a meaningful, sustained connection?

  • - Do you feel encumbered by your past and, as such, desire freedom?


  • Increased confidence (the confidence that you can handle all of your life circumstances; that you can rise to the occasion, and that your well-being is 100% in your hands)

  • More choice (an ability to choose between multiple options - even scary ones - without being pigeonholed into one way of responding to the world)

  • Self-activation (going out and making something of your life; pursuing what is important to you and dropping what isn’t)

  • Spontaneity (the confidence to rely on yourself and your affect from moment-to-moment)

  • Self-entitlement (the belief that you are worthy of appropriate experiences of pleasure - worthy of what you want - and capable of going out and getting it)

  • Commitment (ability to choose and to remain committed to your choice when it gets difficult to do so)

  • Intimacy (capability to show up fully in relationship without being run by a fear of abandonment or a fear of engulfment)

  • Responsibility (the acceptance that this is your life and the quality and direction of your life is ultimately up to you)


  • - I practice a doctrine of personal responsibility. This means that your life is your life, not mine. I cannot save you, nor will I try to. You are responsible for the direction of your life and you are capable of moving forward in the direction that you desire

  • - Although childhood is the root of much of our current patterning and suffering, I do not consider it necessary that we unpack all details of your childhood. Your past is showing up in the present moment. As such, by working in the present moment we inadvertently address past conditioning

  • - I combine a Western Psychotherapeutic model with a Buddhist approach (this will become more clear in our work together)

  • - I believe you are a fully capable and functional adult, even if you don't

  • **Note on choosing a therapist** Read up on your therapist's approach to see if it resonates with you. Some therapists spend significant time unpacking the past, and perhaps this is appealing to you. Others, such as myself, focus more on the present moment and address your life as it is, and perhaps that is more up your alley.

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